Jersey Companies

An offshore company offers many tax advantages and is an effective way of protecting assets for both individuals and overseas companies. The combination with a trust often provides more effective protection as well as greater flexibility.

We are able to offer a full administration and accounting service including the provision of registered office, board of directors, company secretary and nominee shareholders.

Circumstances when the use of an offshore company may be appropriate include:

  • To hold property (real, personal or intellectual) and to receive royalties, commissions and rental income
  • To hold other assets such as cash, stocks and shares
  • For e-commerce ventures
  • For international trading
  • To employ and remunerate key executives working outside their country of origin
  • To protect against political uncertainty
  • For the registration of ships or yachts
  • For joint ventures
  • For the provision of consultancy services

All Jersey trust companies have an obligation to monitor the activities of every company incorporated in Jersey or elsewhere for which they provide services. ANDIUM TRUST usually requires that its staff serve as directors of the companies unless we have reliable alternative means of fulfilling the monitoring duty. This obligation helps to enhance the reputation and acceptability of Jersey companies.

Other Structures

We also establish and service other structures such as limited partnerships and expert funds. For further details on these and other structures please contact us.

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