Detailed help to fill in the documents

To become a client and incorporate a company, we require:
1. A Personal Details form for each person who will be a shareholder and director
2. A certified copy of an identity document, proof of address and two references
3. A Company Formation Questionnaire (Jersey, BVI or Bahamas)
4. A Letter of Engagement

To become a client and create a trust we require:
1. A Personal Details form for the person who will be the Settlor/Grantor and each person who will make a substantial donation to the trust
2. A certified/notarised copy of an identity document, proof of address and two references
3. A Trust Formation Questionnaire
4. Details of beneficiaries

We can also do complicated structures like Limited Partnerships, hybrid companies or combinations of the above. 

A brief summary of what CDD – Client Due Diligence and KYC – Know your client entails.

Please note that from February 2008 a new, more comprehensive legislation became effective in Jersey.   All service providers must follow guidelines laid out by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

These guidelines indicate that we need to identify and understand the rationale behind, and activities of all entities to which we provide any kind of services.

 We need to identify the “applicant for business“, this is the individual or corporate or a trust that will be the shareholder or settlor of the entity.

 If the applicant is an individual, we must verify their identity and verify their residential address.

 If the applicant is corporate we need to identify and verify the owners and controllers of any related entity of which the applicant has any relation with.

 For any corporate applicant we must obtain the following:

§          Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation.

§          Certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

§          Registers of Members/Shareholders.

§          Registers of Directors.

§          Certified copies of the latest financial statements.

§          Summary of the Company’s activities.

For each Director and Shareholder we will require proof of identity and address.

Where funds are to be introduced to the entity, we need to verify the source of funds and the source of wealth (what activity generated these funds)

Please note that these are a guide only and further evidence may be requested on an individual basis.   

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