Offshore E-Commerce

ANDIUM TRUST is established as an important service provider for internet-based companies operating from Jersey. We can provide registered office, bank account administration and accounting services, in short, a stable base in a very mobile and virtual world. Most countries seek to tax businesses on the basis that either:

  • the company is incorporated there
  • the “mind and management” is in that country
  • the business has a “permanent establishment” or fixed place of business in that country

The internet makes it easy to collaborate with people throughout the world and also to put different aspects of a business in different countries. To minimise the usual tax issues mentioned above, one would

  • incorporate an offshore company under a tax friendly regime
  • appoint Jersey and other directors and avoid the holding of directors meetings in a high tax jurisdiction
  • limit activities in high tax countries to “auxiliary services”

It is advisable to have many of the core activities in Jersey to strengthen the local nature of the company. This will make it much more difficult for another country to tax these profits.

  • Corporate administration: ANDIUM TRUST can provide a registered office and corporate secretary, hold or chair directors’ meetings, open and control bank accounts and provide accounting services in Jersey. We can also recommend local companies for web-hosting, credit card processing and website design.
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