We are able to arrange for the creation of a trust, and will instruct lawyers to draft the Trust Deed to ensure the Settlor’s objectives are achieved.

We provide professional trustees, usually through the medium of our Trust Company, ANDIUM Trustees Limited.

We provide a full trust administration and accounting service and have good working relationships with investment advisors, stockbrokers and major banks.

We always recommend clients seek appropriate legal and financial advice when considering a trust


We are able to advise and assist with all matters relating to the establishment of companies in recognised jurisdictions. Once a company has been incorporated we can provide a complete range of administrative services. Our services include:The provision of directors, company secretary, registered office and nominee shareholders.The establishment and maintenance of statutory records.Maintenance of accounting records and preparation of annual accounts.Collection of income such as royalties, rents and dividends.Invoicing and related activities for trading companies.Portfolio administration and reporting.

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